How to start

1.Install OKX Browser Plugin

Open Google OKX Wallet Plugin URL, click Add to Chrome.

Click Add Extension.

2.Run OKX plugin

2.1 When the plugin finishes installing, the wallet popup will be displayed on the right side, click Create New Wallet.

2.2 Select a mnemonic

2.3 Set wallet password

2.4 Set as default wallet

2.5 Backup the mnemonic

3. Open Taproot Exchange

3.1 Enter the Taproot Exchange website by typing in Chrome and click Launch DAPP.

3.2 Click Connect Wallet.

3.3 Confirm authorisation of OKX Wallet.

3.4 Authorization to add the TAPROOT CHAIN Mainnet.

4.Asset Management

4.1 After successful authorisation, you can view your assets.

4.2 What is TBTC?

TBTC is Taproot Exchange's value-anchored token that can be used to pay for Gas fees.If you don't have TBTC in your crypto wallet, then you need to go to the TaprootChain cross-chain to get TBTC first.


5.Start Trading

5.1 View tokens that have been shelved in Marketplace.

Entering the token detail page, you can view the historical price trend chart and past trading orders of the token. By analysing the changes in this data, you can make an informed decision on whether or not to make a purchase.

5.2 How to Buy

Click on the Listing button to view the current listings in the marketplace.

5.2How to Sell

Tick multiple orders to support batch enough.

5.3 Viewing Transaction History

Click My Order button to display historical transaction data.

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